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Perennial Rifle Package

Perennial Rifle Package

Our Perennial Rifle package balances the robust building of a tactical rifle with the accuracy of a benchrest rifle. From expierence we determined the key features that we want and the main failure points in the Remington 700 action.


  • The Package Includes:

    -Action Blueprinting

    -Installation of a Pacific Tool & Guage Recoil Lug

    -Recoil Lug Bedded to Rifles Action

    -Installation of Barrel (not included) and Timing

    -Installation of Mini 16 Extractor

    -Barrel Threading for Muzzle Brake

    -Scope Base Holes opened to 8-40

    -Scope Base Bedded to Rifle Receiver

    -Bolt Handle Set Forward for Best Possible Primary Extraction

    -Bolt Handle Tig Welded in Place

    -Bolt Handle Threaded for Badger Ordnance Knob

    -Installation of Bix'n Andy TacSport Pro Trigger

    -Installation of New Bottom Metal(Pacific Tool & Gauge)

  • Note:

    This package can be built on your existing action or a new Remington 700 Action only(Conatct Us for Further Details).

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