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Action Blueprinting

Action Blueprinting

SKU: 0005

Blueprinting an action ensures that all surfaces that surfaces of the action, bolt, and barrel are sqaure to your rifles imaginary centerline.

  • Blueprinting

    The action face, integral lugs, and threads are sqaured to the the centerline of the action. Next the bolt lugs, face, and nose are trued to the bolts centerline. Finally, the recoil lug is ground flat on a surface grinder.


    All machining operations are completed on a lathe using single a point cut and accurate to within 2/10,000ths of an inch.

  • Note:

    In some cases, blueprinting an action may result in weak primary extraction. We have found that Remington 700 actions with serial numbers starting in RR are particularly weak in primary extraction.


    Actions with weak primary extraction will need to have the bolt handle adjusted and either silver soldered or tig welded into place.

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